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InvestAssure provides research and consulting support to manage business risks relating to the Environment, Social Responsibility (ESG) risks and business ethics. We offer the following expertise, tools and services:

  • UK based core management team and pool of experts,with previous experience from leading management and technical consultancies such as ERM, Ernst & Young and KPMG.
  • Comprehensive Southeast Asia research network, with partners in Hong Kong, Beijing, Manila and Bangkok
  • Expanding capability in southern Africa,with particular emphasis on mining
  • N I M B U S web monitoring and corporate risk database providing cost-effective research and monitoring of supply chains, investment portfolios and customer bases.
  • S M A R T online assessment tool to support communication, benchmarking, capacity building, assurance, improvement planning and monitoring against corporate policies and codes, independent standards and best practice guidelines.
  • Business risk advice and assurance for implementing corporate responsibility programmes, monitoring performance and reporting to stakeholders, including independent assurance statements.

InvestAssure was founded by Paul Wenman (Oxford, UK) who had previously worked worldwide as a Director/Partner of ERM and E&Y

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Try the NIMBUS alerts database:
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Subscription options include:
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  • Database analysis
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Risk updates
  • Corporate reviews
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