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Emerging Markets are Risky

If your business extends to emerging markets, you are exposed to higher levels of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks. These can damage reputations, cost money and threaten business continuity.

N I M B U S Can Help You

The web is now the de facto channel for reporting corporate performance - the good, bad and ugly. If a company gets out of line, word usually gets onto the web. If it's your supplier, investee or customer, you need to know.

N I M B U S helps you tune in and keep in touch.

Acting as a corporate risk radar, N I M B U S keeps watch on corporate behaviour in emerging markets. It monitors the web for reports of incidents and non-compliance, allegations and negative commentary relating to ESG risks.

More about ESG Risks

Our online database of risk alerts and research services will support your planning, decision making and assurance programmes.

  • Portfolio Monitoring of suppliers, investees and customers to support assurance programmes.
  • Company Checks to support pre-contract screening and due diligence.
  • Trend Analysis across countries, sectors and ESG issues to support market analysis and strategic planning.
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N I M B U S is Not Expensive

For the cost of a single typical factory audit you can:

  • Monitor a portfolio of ~100 companies for a year
  • Buy an annual subscription to the NIMBUS online database.

Can you afford to stay in the dark?

More about Subscriptions and Services

Company Search

Try the NIMBUS alerts database:
  • Results show number of alerts
  • risk alerts and growing
  • companies across Asia-Pacific
  • Full alert reports available

Subscription options include:
  • Database company search
  • Database analysis
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Risk updates
  • Corporate reviews
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