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InvestAssure helps you to implement responsible business practices quickly and cost-effectively through application of online management and assurance tools.

Our innovative SMART tool makes risk-management and assurance more responsive to fast-moving international markets. NIMBUS delivers early identification of EHS incidents, labour and community disputes, human rights violations, natural resource crimes, bribery and other allegations of ethical malpractice, enabling more effective mitigation, stakeholder communication and business assurance.

InvestAssure is based in Oxford, UK, with partners and researchers across the Asia-Pacific region providing international reach and local knowledge for research, training, support and investigative assignments. It was founded by Paul Wenman who has 30 years of international experience working for major organisations, including ANZ, Black & Decker, BP, British Airways, CBRE, E.ON, Hyundai, Next, Norwegian Government Pension Fund, Pfizer and Procter & Gamble.

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