SMART Online Self-Assessment and e-Learning

Our online self-assessment and e-learning tool (SMART) is an opportunity to cost-effectively streamline your ethical communication, assurance and improvement programmes. It can support the interests of all parties by facilitating online factory self-assessment against a customised set of requirements, whilst at the same time communicating policies and good practice across a whole supply chain or investment portfolio.

SMART - Sustainable Management and Responsible Trade

Given the challenge of communicating with large numbers of companies in a supply chain or investment portfolio, how can policy requirements and good practice be communicated in a way that ensures they are understood? An audit programme can only go so far in checking governance, management systems and  compliance across hundreds or thousands of companies. How can the inevitable gaps be addressed? Apart from web monitoring of incidents and allegations (see above), we advocate use of web based self-assessment and e-learning tools.

We have developed an integrated online tool, SMART, which can be fully customised to allow any number of companies to take part in a programme which:

  • communicates and updates policies
  • shares good practice and learning resources
  • encourages and enables self-assessment against your expectations
  • allows benchmarking against others
  • provides a facility for developing an improvement action plan
  • allows your assurance managers to access self-assessments and action plans, in order to analyse overall compliance, assess risks and focus audits on highest risk assets.

A factory manager can use the tool to benchmark against others and establish an improvement action plan. As part of an assurance programme, the self-assessment can be used by audit managers to help prioritise audits, whilst purchasing and investment managers can use the information as input to supplier or investee ratings.

InvestAssure takes GSCP online - seeking business partners for trials.

InvestAssure is implementing the GSCP supplier Requirements, Guidelines and Self-Assessment as online modules using SMART. We are looking for progressive businesses to trial the environmental modules before incorporating the social modules and eventual full market release. This will give us valuable feedback and we will be able to offer the trial partners preferential rates on eventual full implementation of the tool.

Each SMART module includes the core GSCP Requirements and Guidance, explanatory notes, good practice and further learning links - as well as 4-level multiple choice self-assessment Questionnaires and options for documenting Current State and Improvement Actions.

Sites can collate all actions into an overall Improvement Management Plan which can be updated, along with the assessment, as progress is made. The site's module can optionally be made available to independent auditors and selected customers, providing a route to a single, transparent assurance and improvement process.


SMART Online Demo

SMART is based on a simple approach to managing risks and improving performance across a supply chain.

The approach encourages suppliers to take responsibility for improving their performance and complying with customer requirements. It places online assessment and learning at the heart of a wider, transparent assurance and improvement cycle.p>



SMART provides flexible and customised access to assessment and learning modules online.

A range of generic modules can be accessed via a customised reference framework - this could be an international standard or code, corporate policies and requirements or a combination. Users automatically have access to new learning modules and links.



The SMART framework provides greater transparency and opportunities for shared ownership of supply chain management.

Assurance managers can centrally monitor site self-assessments and progress with planned improvements. Sites can get online access to guidelines, support tools.