Research and Investigation

Incident investigation

  • When our web monitoring system has identified an incident or allegation which seems to warrant further investigation, we can support you using our local researchers and investigative capabilities.

  • This could be as simple as an audit to focus on the alleged incident, but it could also take the form of off-site 3rd party stakeholder engagement or inspection of technical or other records.

Due diligence support

  • When entering into a commercial partnership, questionnaires and due diligence audits go some way to assessing the risks.

  • But these methods invariably exclude 3rd party opinion and have little access to historical information on ethically related performance.

  • In this situation we can help by analysing our database of incidents and allegations for information which would help inform and focus a due diligence audit on key risk issues.

  • We can also organise local stakeholder engagements to seek the opinions of local NGOs, communities and media on the reputation and track record of a factory or other facility