Who are we?

Specialist consultants: a wealth of experience working for corporates, both large and small, over 30 years.

Track record: assembled whilst working for leading global consultancies ERM, E&Y, DNV and KPMG and corporate and government organisations.

Focus: how corporate responsibility can help deliver sustainable enteprise.

Expertise: integrated business risk management of EHS, Labour, Social, Ethical and Governance issues across assets, supply chains and invesments

Coverage: based in the UK and work with European partners and an extensive network across Asia-Pacific

What do we do?

Advise: on corporate responsibility aspects of business panning and strategic decision making to reduce risks

Support: operational performance management at facilities, along the supply chain, across investment portfolios and through asset transactions

Review: management of operational business risks to identify current and emerging priorities

Analyse: data and prepare performance reports for management and external stakeholders

Assure: aspects of responsible business performance, ranging form carbon footprints, to supply chain risks, from Bribery Act compliance to Companies Act Compliance

Who are you?

Director or Senior Manager: with responsibilities for one or more aspects of corporate responsibility

State of P[ay:

  • New to the job - needing clarity, focus, advice and a plan

  • Mature programme - looking for assurance, new resources, innovation or a new approach

  • Looking ahead - new challenges, scope expanding, needing guidance and support


  • shrinking - looking for low-risk cost savings

  • growing - preparing a longer-term programme

What are you looking for?

Depending on your situation, you could find yourself needing help in very different ways. Maybe one of these scenarios is familiar?


Specific Knowledge and Advice: you have an urgent challenge or query on a new topic.

  • carbon and bio-fuel sustainability reporting

  • supplier codes

  • China sourcing and bribery

  • investor questionnaires

  • the OECD Guidelines

  • AA1000, the GRI, etc

Due diligence or Risk Assessment: you need specialist resources to provide reliable opinion on a business deal in Asia:

  • for an acquisition where you are concerned about risks from labour and H&S conditions, environmental pollution, human rights or community relations.

  • for a private equity investment where it's important to comply with the expectations of the IFC, ADB, EDRB, etc

  • for a prospective supplier or JV partner in a country where you know your ethical standards would be under threat.

Operational Support: you may be rolling out a new set of corporate requirements and guidelines to your sites and suppliers.

  • you need extra resources to communicate and train your site managers

  • or perhaps independent assurance on uptake and effectiveness?

  • or online tools to help them meet corporat requirements and improve performance?

Stakeholder Management: you want to establish better community and government relations in China:

  • you want to review the role of NGOs

  • who are they, what influence do they have

  • how can you trust them and work with them?

Supply Chain Risks: after many years of suppliers failing audits:

  • you have concerns that you exposed to unseen risks

  • when will one of your suppliers appear in the media or be targeted by Greenpeace?

  • what are your options for risk reduction and better monitoring?

How can we help you

Our services combine:

  • the application of mature and pragmatic business experience

  • access to specialist knowledge across the spectrum of corporate responsibility and sustainable development

  • tried and tested consulting, training and assurance methodologies

  • innovative techniques and tools hat recognise the changing nature of global business and social expectations

Strategic Advisory projects

  • preparing internal and market data analyses

  • risk audits of prospective suppliers, investees or JV partner

  • senior management workshops

  • recommendations on your next steps

  • what, where, when, how, who?

Operational support and improvement:

  • identification and roll out of best practice

  • communication of new policies, codes and guidelines

  • site-level training

  • use of web-based tools, e.g. SMART, NIMBUS

Assurance and verification assignments:

  • management systems and operational controls (optionally to ISO or sector standards, e.g. ICMM)

  • performance data (e.g. GHG)

  • hot issues (e.g. human rights)

  • corporate reports (optionaly to AA1000, GRI or other standards)

  • products and services (e.g. bio-fuels, green tariffs)

  • new investments (e.g. compliance with Equator Principles)

  • supply chains (optionally to sector codes, e.g. ETI)

Retainer based access to expertise:

  • independent challenge, public statement commentary on performance

  • on-tap availability for phone conferencing, planning and emergency meetings

  • support for site audits and non-compliance investigations

  • workshop facilitation