Planning, Training and Assurance

Starting or refreshing your risk management and assurance programmes?

  • We can provide tailor made workshops and systems design to help build policies and programmes which will be targeted to managing your business risks.

  • Too often we have seen policies and management systems put in place mainly to assuage the concerns of vocal stakeholder groups, without consideration of the messages being communicated along supply chains or to investees and with little appreciation of the difficulties of achieving meaningful assurance.

  • There are many different approaches and choices, ranging from adoption of codes and standards to self-assessment with audit programmes and training. Many companies over the last 15 years have tried and failed in this area. But some have succeeded. These cross-sector experiences provide ample opportunity to learn and get it right for the next 10 years. We can help bring the essence of that experience to your table, work with you to develop your own package, and prepare a launch programme.

Already running a management and assurance programme?

  • We can offer operational support where your resources are stretched or where specific expertise is required.

  • This can take the form of training for your managers and employees to communicate and help implement policies and programmes. Equally we can organise local training sessions for your suppliers or business partners to attend, in order to help them understand your policies and expectations and how to achieve the win-win most efficiently.

  • We can also organise and deliver audit programmes, focusing on policy compliance and/or systems improvement.

Looking for independent assurance, including public statement?

  • We can undertake dedicated reviews and audits to provide both internal feedback and, optionally, a public assurance statement.

  • This can be limited to your policies, governance structures and management systems, but it can also extend to performance data verification, supplier or investee interviews and audits, web checking (see above) and 3rd party stakeholder consultation.