Meeting the Challenge of Responsible Investment and Sourcing

Worldwide, companies are making investments in Asia and other emerging markets. These take the form equity, loans, training, capital projects, technology and human resources. The return on these investments can be put at risk by irresponsible behaviour and decision making, resulting in a range of possible consequences, e.g.

  • environmental impacts and natural resource depletion
  • accidents and poor occupational health and safety conditions
  • corruption and fraud
  • human rights abuses and community impacts
  • labour abuses, discrimination and child labour
  • unsafe products.

These consequences have the potential for significant business impacts, including reputation and brand damage, business interruption, legal proceedings and financial penalties.


This presents an enormous challenge for the 'investing' company:

  • how to screen investees, suppliers and business partners, how to assess the risks?
  • how to monitor their performance against expectations?
  • how to deliver assurance to senior management, shareholders, customers, consumers and other stakeholders?

How Can We Help?

InvestAssure is focused on helping you to plan for and meet the challenge of responsible investment and sourcing. We can help at both the strategic and operational levels through the following services: