Sustainable Investing

Sustainability Risk Management

Sustainability risks are found in every investment but rarely are they fully identified, managed and mitigated. This is even more important in Environmental, Ethical and Clean Technology funds where expectations are highest.

  • Identifying, planning for and managing the risk exposure arising from a PE portfolio is fundamental in maximising shareholder value and corporate performance.

  • As with all risks, there are also opportunities that can be realised and value created – e.g. additional revenue streams, reduced costs and brand value.

  • We identify and prioritises all aspects of sustainable risk associated with a portfolio and provide mitigation through a combination of proactive management and practical technical modifications.

  • We also recognise the various stakeholders within portfolio management and work with them to ensure that they receive the data they require. 

  • We can assess investee performance against international lending criteria such as the Equator Principles, IFC, ADB and World Bank guidelines.

InvestAssure-PRA Services

InvestAssure and Pacific Risk Advisors integrate the NIMBUS web monitoring data into a full-cycle asset management service to minimise sustainability risks and maximise value creation.


Benefits of Sustainability Risk Management

  • Unique positioning of the portfolio

  • Attracts high value international investors concerned about sustainability risk exposures

  • Demonstrates pro-active management by fund manager

  • Aligns the portfolio with current and future concerns of stakeholders and global direction of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) issues

  • Compliments pre- and post-investment risk management

  • Identifies cost savings and benefits

  • Provides:

    • ESG metrics on performance

    • marketing advantage with product differentiation niche

    • institutional ESG analysts and investors with additional credibility and comfort

    • positioning for inclusion in SRI Indices

    • mechanism for community and stakeholder liaison

    • added value by risk avoidance and cost controls