SMART Online Demo

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The SMART assessment, learning and assurance tool  provides a flexible online platform for:

  • Helping suppliers to understand and self-assess against customer expectations - either a customised code or a sector specific code or an international standard.

  • Eabling suppliers to create and document management programmes to drive performance improvement

  • Providing suppliers with quick and easy access to learning tools at different levels, appropriate to their status and goals

  • Sharing maintaining an up-to-date library of best practice, international case studies and management tools relating to specific topics and performance areas

  • Allowing customers and/or third party auditors to share access to and cooperate on updating site assessments and management programmes for performance improvement.

  • Allowing customers to monitor individual site and/or whole supply chain progress towards shared goals

  • Customising the basic framework according to supply chain needs.

SMART GSCP Environmental Tools

SMART has been implementing the GSCP toolset as a basic framework for customisation. This demo shows how SMART can provide users with a flexible online tool based on the GSCP environmental requirements, implementation guidelines and self-assessment.

For those who aspire work their way through Levels 1-3 of the GSCP requirements, we have also incorporated the option for assessment against each individual GSCP requirement at Levels 1, 2 and 3.

We are not tied to the GSCP framework. We can implement ETI, BSCI, other standards and codes or your own completely customised framework. But the GSCP demo should give you an idea of the potential of te SMART online tool.

Please Contact us to discuss how we can start a trial implementation for you